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Author of Lindy Lewis Mystery Novels

All about my ninth published novel 


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Excerpt from Lynís book nine

"Jesse Ortega, a sixty-two year old, overweight and exhausted sheriff from Birch Lake, Minnesota has finally retired after several decades of stress and hard work 24/7. Now divorced from a cold hearted woman, he packs battered suitcases and heads south. And landing in Hilton Head, SC decides this is where he might stay. Only to find that while walking the beach, meeting beautiful women and finally feeling good, someone is out to kill him when rifle shots pierce the air and circle around his head. Is he destined to die now just after beginning to enjoy this new life heís carved out for himself?

Lyn Miller Lacoursiere is well known as the author of the six Lindy Lewis Adventures which can be found at many book stores and your libraries.  


MoonBeams by Lyn Miller LaCoursiere 3