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Lindy Lewis Mystery Novels

All about my second published novel 


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TOMORROW'S RAIN will take you down another journey of intrigue as a woman searches for her inner peace and a man's harbored passions are pushed to the limit.

CLUTCHING HER FORTUNE Lindy has left Reed Conner’s bed in the north and escapes to her beloved south.  As she frolics in sunny Savannah, Georgia, another house fire steals her tranquility and again she takes to the road.  She settles by the ocean in Newport, Rhode Island.  Here her journey into the mystical world of ghosts, visions and clairvoyance begins.  She has a vision of Reed, the investigator who has been hot on her trail to reclaim the million dollars for the insurance company they say she defrauded.  He’s been shot and in a coma, and now beyond a doubt, Lindy believes it’s her turn to help him.  She rushes back to his side. The FBI enters the picture and an inevitable prison term looms ahead, unless she testifies in court that she witnessed an international drug dealer murder one of their agents in cold blood!”

     “I can’t do it,” she wails, “He will kill me!”